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41 Red Wedding Lehengas that Will Compel You to Get Married Soon

As a little girl or a teenager whenever you pictured yourself on your wedding day, did you not see yourself in a red bridal lehenga? The color red is hugely significant in Indian culture as the symbol of marriage. Red is the color that signifies anything auspicious. It is also considered to indicate sensuality, purity and fertility.

That is why religious function require us to wear a red tika on our foreheads. For the same reason, most brides in India love to wear red sarees of red bridal wedding lehengas on their D-days.

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A red bridal wedding lehenga is the quintessential North Indian wedding attire! Rich fabrics such as red silks, georgettes, velvets, Benarasi weaves etc are used to create such lehengas. The embellishments on them, in most cases in golden, also are diverse! Yet, a red bridal lehenga often ends up looking stereotypical.

If this is what is bothering you but you still can’t mentally accept wearing another color, check out the list of 41 red wedding lehengas that we have compiled. Each of the lehengas in this list is definitely red but exquisitely different and unique! We are sure that these beauties will make you drool and they will force you to plan your wedding as soon as possible!

  1. The Maharani Lehenga

The Maharani Lehenga - Red Bridal Lehenga

This heavily embellished red bridal wedding lehenga is replete with ornate zari embroidery, zardozi work and sequin embroidery is ideal for those brides who want to look like a queen on their wedding day. This red lehengareverberates a royal vibe!

  1. Nothing Like Red & Gold

Nothing Like Red & Gold

A traditional vermillion red hue and a zari gold color is a match made in heaven! This stunning Sabyasachi lehenga in this very combination is apt for the bride who loves everything traditional. The detailed embellishments, small motifs on the skirt look heavenly.

  1. The Baby Blue Dupatta

red lehenga Baby Blue Dupatta

Not only is this lehenga intricately embroidered to perfection, what brings alive the vibrancy of the bright, warm red and gold colors is the contrasting baby blue dupatta.

  1. Large Motifs

Large Motifs on Red Bridal Lehenga

This dark red bridal lehenga stands out as it defies the rule that only small motifs look good on bridal clothing. The lehenga skirt is embellished with large embroidered gold motifs and it looks beautiful!

  1. The Berry Red & Brown Lehenga

The Berry Red & Brown Lehenga

This unique berry red bridal wedding lehenga is unique in its own way! The combination of this dark red shade and dark brown looks very good with the matte gold embellishments. Details like the latkans at the waist and the net sleeves make it look even more ‘out-of-the-box’.

  1. Flowers All The Way

Flowers All The Way on Red Lehenga

This lehenga is in a perfectly traditional bridal red color flaunting large floral motifs all over the skirt as well as the blouse. A simple thin border adorns the skirt and the dupatta. Who knew a red bridal lehenga with homogenous motifs all over would look this good!

  1. Sparkling in Red

Sparkling in Red - Indian Bride

The beauty of this red bridal lehenga is the ornate and detailed sequin and zari embroidery at the bottom part of the lehenga skirt!

  1. Packed with Love

Packed with Love - Indian bride wearing red bridal Lehenga

This red bridal wedding lehenga skirt is packed with gold embellishments all over! The beauty of the piece is in the fact that in spite of being densely embellished, the design structure does not look cluttered!

  1. The Matte Red Lehenga

The Matte Red Lehenga

Red is a truly glamorous color! Look at this gorgeous red wedding lehenga that is devoid of anything jazzy! The warm matte red fabric complements the bride’s skin tone! The matte gold and green detailed embroidery looks extremely elegant. Addition of some sequin and stone work on the skirt give the outfit enough sparkle.

  1. Light Yet Rich

Light Yet Rich Lehenga for Indian Brides

This bride sports a dark red lehenga! The lehenga skirt has an ornate border and the rest of it has light floral embroidery. Yet this lehenga looks gorgeous because of the rich dark red glossy fabric. Those of you who plan to wear heavy gold jewellery at your wedding may sport such a lightly embellished lehenga.

  1. The Thick Gold Border

The Thick Gold Border on a Lehenga

Another unique red bridal wedding lehenga! This lehenga has a plain warm red body and to complement that, a thick gold and detailed border! Such a lehenga looks extremely classy!

  1. Contrasting Motifs

Contrasting Motifs on red Lehenga

These huge curved motifs that adorn the lower part of this lehenga skirt are common in the textile culture of India and in some regions of the country it is referred to as the ‘kalka’. The pattern can be traced back to the Mughal times. Ace bridal designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee has combined huge ‘long-ish’ motifs with little ones to create a contrast. The blouse of this red bridal lehenga is also heavily embellished.

  1. The Wine Red Lehenga

The Wine Red Lehenga

This pretty bride sports a stunning lehenga in a red wine color! The lehenga, in spite of being in a unique shade of red, is perfectly bridal. It has self color embroidery all over with mirror-like sequin detailing here and there.

  1. Red Lehenga for the Curvy Bride

Red Lehenga for the Curvy Bride - Plus Size

Curvy brides are usually apprehensive about sporting elaborately embellished lehengas or those with large motifs. This is a perfect example of a red bridal lehenga for the plus size or curvy bride.

It has soft floral motifs all over, a not-so-deep neckline, elbow-length sleeves and the elaborately embellished lehenga skirt border makes the outfit look gorgeous.


  1. For The Bride Who Loves The Bling

For Indian Bride Who Loves The Bling

It’s your wedding day after all! So if you love the jazz and the bling don’t shy away, like this bride who sports a bright red lehenga with bright and shiny gold details all over!

  1. Red lehenga & Silver embroidery

Red lehenga & Silver embroidery Get Custom Made Wedding Lehenga

Only gold goes with bridal red? Well, you are about to be proven wrong! The god of bridal wear in India – Sabyasachi Mukherjee – breaks stereotypes here by combining a blood red bridal lehenga with matte silver motifs. The floral motifs all over the lehenga skirt is quite common in Sabyasachi designs but the rich border just sets this lehenga apart!

  1. The Gown Style Red Lehenga

The Gown Style Red Bridal Lehenga

Want to wear a red bridal lehenga and yet look different? Try a lehenga with a unique cut! This bride is sporting a dark red lehenga with a cut that resembles a traditional 18th Century European gown. The layered gown-like lehenga skirt and the matte gold detailing brings all the difference.

  1. Who said Simple is Boring?

Who said Simple is Boring? - Indian bridal Lehenga

Small, evenly placed motifs on her blouse and lehenga skirt border – that is all this bride needs to look glamorous on her wedding day! This red bridal wedding lehenga is simple yet gorgeous.

The lehenga skirt is plain except for golden lines running vertically from the waistline towards a thick golden band at the bottom part of the skirt. The dupatta border is intricate and it has big golden motifs. Checkout more Golden Lehengas.

  1. The Lacy Red Lehenga

The Lacy Red Lehenga

The bride sports an unconventional red wedding lehenga! The lehenga is in a warm red shade with self color dense embellishments on the skirt. The work resembles traditional lace embroidery which gives the outfit a textured look. The dupatta too has a lacy border.

  1. Network of Craftsmanship

Network of Craftsmanship in a lehenga

The intricate craftsmanship on the skirt of this pinkish red bridal lehenga is breath-taking! The designs remind one of traditional minakari and jaali art! In fact the embroidery is done with other colors like light green and pink amidst a network of dense gold embroidery, just like minakari jewellery designs.

  1. Layered Embellishments

Layered Embellishments on lehenga

This happy bride looks gorgeous in this traditional red bridal wedding lehenga! The beauty of this lehenga is the layered design structure of the skirt. Along with that the latkans add a touch of grace! The net dupatta brings together the whole attire!

  1. Contrasting Embellishments

Contrasting Embellishments on Lehenga

The uniqueness of this traditional red bridal wedding lehenga is its skirt. The top part of the skirt has minimal embroidery while the bottom half has large motifs embellished on it. This contrast in the design structure brings out the beauty of the outfit.

  1. Inspired from the Past

Inspired from the Past - retro Indian Bridal Lehenga

This red bridal wedding lehenga comes with an ornate skirt reminiscent of medieval Mughal architecture. The lehenga skirt flaunts floral motifs that have been compartmentalized! It also has a double border.

  1. Red & Zari

Red & Zari lehenga

A rich red fabric with gold zari embroidery can do wonders! This bride wears a red wedding lehenga densely packed with zari embroidery from top to bottom! The embroidery is neat, intricate and stunning!

  1. Flowers in Gold

Flowers in Gold - indian Bride

This red wedding lehenga flaunts floral golden details all over. Instead of a traditional border, the lehenga skirt has a patch of gold embroidered motifs at the bottom part.

  1. The Beauty of Textures

The Beauty of Textures - indian Bride in a Red Lehenga

This dark red bridal wedding lehenga refuses to follow stereotypes! The lehenga has self color floral embroidery all over! This gives the lehenga a textured look. The top-class craftsmanship makes sure that the embellishments blend well against the backdrop!

  1. The Delhi Bride Look

The Delhi Bride Look - indian Bride

Famous beauty blogger Shreya Jain carries this beautiful tomato red bridal wedding lehenga for one of her ‘Brides of India’ videos! She sports this look as ‘The Delhi Bride’. To know more about the look and the makeup to go along with such a lehenga you can check out her video:

  1. It’s All About The Gold

It’s All About The Gold and Red Bridal Wedding Lehenga

Get Custom Made Wedding Lehenga

This Punjabi bride sports a red wedding lehenga, the skirt of which is a stunning masterpiece of golden zari craftsmanship. The embroidered details on the skirt are so intricate that it looks like a painting!

  1. The Floral Red Lehenga

The Floral Red Lehenga

This red bridal lehenga from Sabyasachi Mukherjee is a truly unconventional one! The floral details on it, in different shades of red and reddish pink are gorgeous to look at! Moreover, the sheer dupatta with a golden tinge adds dimension to the look.

  1. Simplicity at its Best

Simplicity at its Best - Simple Lehenga

This dark red bridal wedding lehenga is in a dark red shade! What makes it stunning is the use of a rich silky fabric and minimal embellishments. The skirt has a patch of floral details in gold at the bottom and tiny motifs adorn the rest of the skirt and the dupatta.

  1. Colors on Red

Colors on Red - Bridal Wear

This lehenga is definitely bridal and ethnic in every way but still not stereotypical! The blouse has similar ethnic motifs all over. The skirt border in multi-colors matches that of the dupatta. The lehenga skirt has been compartmentalized by vertical lines and each compartment has a large ornate motif, often called the ‘kalka’.

  1. The Beauty of Benaras in a Lehenga

The Beauty of Benaras in a Lehenga

The red Benarasi saree is perhaps one of the most common types of wedding wear in India! Here, legendary designer Manish Malhotra brings the ‘sacred weaves’ of Benaras in a lehenga form to create a gorgeous and breathtakingly beautiful gold and red bridal wedding lehenga.

Checkout more Manish Malhotra lehengas.

  1. The Red Lehenga for the Dusky Bride

The Red Lehenga for the Dusky Bride

Brown and dusky Indian beauties should not shy away from sporting bright red bridal lehengas. In fact, against a golden brown skin tone, the color red looks the most vibrant! This dusky bride wears a warm red textured lehenga which has orange undertones! Does she not look stunning?

  1. Sequins All The Way

Sequins All The Way in a Lehenga

This unique shade of red looks great with signature Manish Malhotra sequin embroidery! The bride who loves designer wedding wear can definitely wear such a red bridal lehenga on her wedding day.

  1. For the Golden Moments of Life

For the Golden Moments of Life - Red Bridal Lehenga - Sabyasachi Lehenga

The bride is living the most golden moments of her life in this gorgeous red bridal wedding lehenga. This unique lehenga comes is a double dupatta style. The blouse and one of the dupattas have floral designs while the other one has round gold sequin motifs sparsely spread all over.

But the real beauty of this lehenga is the skirt that has a chequered gold and red design all over it! This takes this red wedding lehenga to an all new level!

  1. Traditionally Royal

Traditionally Royal Lehenga

This Manish Malhotra lehenga is fit for a princess! A traditional red fabric adorned with ethnic designs in gold sequins and zari embroidery – this lehenga is the one for you if tradition is what you have in mind for your wedding day!

  1. Green & Red

Green & Red Lehenga

A gorgeous warm red, almost orange, lehenga has been given a dark green border, in this case! With its matte gold embroidery, the outfit has a very ethnic and earthy look, perfect for brides who want it really traditional!

  1. Elegance in Beige & Red

Elegance in Beige & Red

A red bridal wedding lehenga does not have to be completely red from top to bottom. This lehenga comes with a beige skirt that has red floral motifs. The combination has a contemporary appeal and looks elegant too.

  1. Heavy Silver Sequin Work

Heavy Silver Sequin Work on lehenga

Another stunning combination of red and silver – this red bridal lehenga is replete with heavy silver sequin and stone embroidery! If you are planning to wear diamond and platinum jewellery on your wedding day instead of gold and still want to sport a traditional red wedding lehenga, choose one like this!

  1. From the Mahals of Rajputana

From the Mahals of Rajputana

This berry, almost wine, red bridal wedding lehenga is highly reminiscent of the fashion of the bygone eras. The high neck choli has a unique design structure with beige embroidery. The motifs on the skirt too are unique. The bride is sporting a beige dupatta and antique jewellery that gives an old world charm to the ensemble.

  1. Peacocks on Her Lehenga

Peacocks on Her red LehengaGet Custom Made Wedding Lehenga

The beauty of this masterpiece of a lehenga lies in the simple yet unique design structure. The lehenga skirt boasts an elaborate border with peacock motifs running all around.

The outfit also showcases a combination of a bright warm silky red with a matte gold! The high neck blouse is unique too. If you are planning to wear heavy necklaces on your wedding day, you can opt for this kind of a red bridal wedding lehenga.

Now, you must be dying to get your hands on an exotic red bridal wedding lehenga such as these! Where will you looking for one? Don’t worry! Visit as we promise you that the red bridal lehengas in our collection are even better that these! So what are you waiting for? Check us out and let’s get started.

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