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Roka Ceremony – What to Wear on Roka Ceremony for You & Family

Hola readers!
If you are looking for some roka ceremony outfit ideas for you and your loving family/friends, you have landed the right place.


Let’s get real, though Indian weddings can be really tiring and can take a toll on you, but the love-showering ceremonies, traditional rituals, getting decked up for even the smallest functions and gorging on some lip-smacking delicacies is the best part amidst everything.


Even if it means that you’ll have to change for different-different functions but then again, we all love doing that.


But before even we start with the haldi ceremony, mehendi ceremony or anything else, there’s this one really important function which takes place and marks the beginning of a big fat (or a simple and sophisticated) wedding ceremony extravaganza which is the roka ceremony.


According to our parents, grandparents, great-grandparents and our ancestors, Roka ceremony is like an official announcement of consent of both the bride and the groom to get married and start with the festivities.


It means that the groom has been stopped, that is, reserved for the bride and vice versa. It can be considered as even a pre-engagement function or sometimes what people do is take this opportunity to even exchange rings between the two. But is for sure the first function before wedding festivities commence.


Mostly what the would-be-couple chooses is a traditional outfit for the function but one can also go past the traditional one for something more modern, classy and sophisticated as this is the time to shine bright. Why not?
However before you start picking anything for this very first official function of yours, you need to keep some tips in mind.


Tips & Tricks for Your Roka Ceremony

1. Don’t go overboard and overwhelmed with anything and everything you see on the hangers because in these kinds of functions which are not going to end for a long time, it’s better that you choose something which is not extremely heavy.
So save the heavy embellishments and jewelry for the wedding.


2. Though if you choose to go heavy with the outfit, be light on accessories and makeup. The look should be balanced and not over the top. Similarly, if you wear loose down the waist, keep it fitted on the top and vice versa.


3. Colors are something with which you can PLAY A LOT as this is the time to stand apart in terms of fashion, outfit picks and to be carefree because rest of the functions except mehendi ceremony doesn’t actually let you open up with the color palette as people mostly expect traditional colors.
Be it beige, pink, light blue, green, yellow for the roka, JUST HAVE IT. The list is endless.


4. Lastly, for the footwear, choose something that blends well and feels comfortable because there’re a lot of alternatives to heels (like mules, kolhapuri chappals, ballet flat, jutis etc.) and within heels(like wedge heels).


But can we just go to the outfit ideas straight?


Yes, of course!
Sorry if we blabbered a bit more as it was important for you to not regret later. So let’s head straight to some roka ceremony outfit ideas for you as a bride and also for your family.


1. Indo-western outfit for a FUSION-loving bride-to-be 🙂

Image source:


The way foods are coming up these days with quirky variations under the name of fusion of Indian and Western culture (AKA Indo-western), clothing ensembles too are slowly drifting to an Indo Western fusion world.


The above Indo-western outfit of the bride-to-be is a perfect example of how to couple a mesh Indian lehenga skirt in beige with a shimmery silver top for that perfect bling for a complete DRESS.


TIP: As the dress is quite high on bling due to the top, keep your jewelry to a minimum and hair flowy for a natural and elegant look.
A watch would perfectly complement the entire look or diamond jewelry as gold won’t work with this.
If you want to play with colors, then instead of a light color tone like beige, you can also opt for darker tones.


Image source: sayonee_d (Instagram Handle)
In today’s modern era, it’s hard to find a bride who’s into vintage things, but if you are someone who loves those Banarasi silk sarees or chanderi ones, then a maroon saree like the one above will make you stand out perfectly.
Let the guests know that:
“Being Vintage is the new Trend”.


3. A twitch from the usual color palette with lime yellow
Image source: sanaapatel (Instagram Handle)


Are you someone who always prefers to oft for the most unusual yet chirpy colors? Then this lime yellow is something which will suit the perfect outdoor day event or even a night ceremony with all the dazzling embroidery and flash on it.


The leaf like cut-outs at the bottom of the lehenga blouse surely deviate from the usual cut and look of the blouse. Also the statement dupatta!


Belt like structure at the beginning of the lehenga skirt is just so perfect! And to add coolness to your photographs, you can also add those big sunglasses as why not 😉
TIP: As there’s a lot going on with the lehenga, keep jewelry at a minimum with just a choker like in the image. Also don’t go too heavy with the makeup. Keep it light but bold lips and some extra highlighter is just enough to accentuate the whole look.


4. Banaras inspired turquoise lehenga with a monotone dupatta

Image source: divyaarora18 (Instagram Handle)
This bride’s Banaras inspired lehenga skirt and choli are perfectly complimented by a monotone dupatta is perfect for a vibrant look for a night function.
Tip: As the color is quite dark and the print is too big, keep it a low affair with accessories and you can also complete the look with either a potli bag like above or a shimmery clutch too.


5. Cape for the queen

Image source:
Sarees are no longer the traditional pieces that can’t be revamped or have to draped in a certain way.
There are various elements that can be added to a saree to make it look sophisticated and modern yet keeping it traditional at heart.


This cape addition to the net saree makes it modern with heavy embroidery to make up for that glitz element.


6. Daring red for a monotone look

Image source:


This bride seems to have hit a cord really well with Priyanka Chopra inspired red/maroon lehenga, except that PC wore it for her wedding while this bride for her roka.
Moreover, the off shoulder blouse and the diamond necklace helps in breaking the overall monotony of the look with some blitz and skin show.
TIP: With monotone look, you have to be really careful with the choice or accessories and makeup. Don’t go overboard with these if it’s a bright color, else you can go a bit lavish with a necklace or maybe a maang tika.


7. Indo-Western saree for a sharp look

Image source:


This embroidered saree draped in a western style as dhoti with bell sleeves is something which is in trend and will surely help you gain the extra attention as a bride. Again the belt is a statement with some gota patti on it.
TIP: For dhoti style draped saree, choose a soothing color to not be too sharp on eyes. And don’t go over-board with jewelry to not distract from the outfit.


8. Sharara shararat going on


If you want to feel comfortable and not feel like a princess with a lehenga or get restricted by the 6 yard clothing piece, then an umber chic sharara is something which you can choose for the roka.


It is both simple and elegant, and feels highly cozy. Just twirl around for photos and see how the sharara feels in photos, just a mini version of the extravagant lehenga.


9. Color blocking blouse and saree


If you’re a highly traditional bride and want sophistication in your outfit, then a color contrasting blouse with saree is a perfect drift from the usual setting and serenity of the entire function.
TIP: With such sarees, a kamar bandh works great as it accentuates the waist. Moreover, you can also deck up your hair with flowers or some hair accessories to match with the overall look.


What other than bridal outfits?
Now, if you’re not a bride, instead the bride’s friend or sister, then we also have some cool options for you as well:


10. Pleats and ruffles for the unruffled


If you want that boho chic vibe in your outfit, then this ruffled and pleated, pre-draped saree is both easy to carry and looks like a lot of efforts have been put in (though BTS it is totally effortless).


TIP: It would really bring the color and ruffles out if the saree is of a plain color while the blouse is embellished or embroidered. As for the makeup and accessories, junk jewelry or metal jewelry would work the best.


11. Gold and cherry maroon for a perky lady

Image source:


If you want to look aesthetic and all decked up, then this gold and cherry maroon short kurti and lehenga skirt are perfect. The gota at the border of the skirt and gota patti on the jacket and sleeves feel so effort-ful.


12. Embellished kurti and mules for a hassle-free lady

Image source:


Now if you’re someone who doesn’t want that much hassle like in the above outfits, then an embellished kurti and palazzo set with embellished mules would be the perfect pick for you.


13. White shirt and a designer lehenga for a carefree look

Image source:


Now this is raging across social media and the fashion circle for the longest time and what better than experimenting at your sister or friend’s roka ceremony. It’s not too decked up still feels a complete look in itself.


Pair with some heavy Indian or junk jewelry to complete the look. A good pair of sunglasses will add a sense of coolness to this otherwise hot look and will also help you beat the heat.


TIP: As the top is light, keep the skirt heavy and embellished and also try to keep makeup, especially your eyes and lips bold.

14. Palazzo pants with plain and ruffled kurtis

Image source:


Palazzos are quite in vogue these days. For a boho look, pair palazzos with a kurti and junk layered jewelry, completed with a plain color blocking jutis or an embellished one. Even Kolhapuri chappals would work wonder with such an Indianised modern look.


If you’re looking out for an option for your roka but don’t want to go the usual way, instead opt for customization then do contact  to get in touch with their best designers and fine craftsmen for that perfect ensemble.


And if you’re thinking how’ll things look like in real, then you’ll get a free sample file as per your requirements and in sync with your thought process, please visit Bride and Groom page. So go ahead before it’s too late to design and deliver to you on time.


Also, if you had worn something at your roka ceremony which is not in the list, then also mention in the comments section below.


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